The Head Coach is well trained in fundamental First Aid skills.

coerver coaching safety

Before Training

  • – Check for any metallic or hard objects on the football pitch
  • – Prepare first aid kit and ice
  • – Check the goal posts and net for any safety issues
  • – Check student’s health (checking complexion, eg paleness)
  • – Perform plenty of stretching exercises
  • – At least two Coaches per class
  • – The Coaches are always in view and accessible to the children
  • – Any kind of jewelries and watches are to be removed during training
  • – Shin pads are to be worn at all times during practice
  • – Children under the age of 9 will not be allowed to practice heading the ball
  • – Before practice, take plenty of fluids and only eat easily digestible foods
  • – Be well rested and get enough sleep the night before practice
  • – Sun shade parasols will not be set up on days with strong winds as they may be hazardous if they blow away

coerver coaching safety
coerver coaching safety

During Training

  • – Wear protective gear (Head guard etc.)
  • – Drink plenty of water and take periodic breaks
  • – Suspend all training if there is any sign of a storm coming or if any thunder can be heard
  • – Sliding tackles are prohibited
  • – Do not eat during training sessions
  • – Avoid drinking carbonated and sweet drinks during training

coerver coaching safetycoerver coaching safety

After Training

  • – Perform plenty of stretching exercises
  • – Check the students for any injuries
  • – Take energizing carbohydrate snacks after practice
  • – Have the students change from their practice clothes to clean clothes

coerver coaching safety